WP1 Project management and coordination

web-VUmc_Engels_logo_blauwWP1 involves the coordination of all WPs and partner contributions, to ensure that the project’s objectives are realised timely and according to the budget, that the activities of all partners are compliant with the EC contract, the consortium agreement and the relevant legal issues regarding collaboration.

logo_emgoWP leader: VU University Medical Center – EMGO+ Institute, Department of General practice and elderly care medicine, The Netherlands



WP2 Benchmarking quality of care

UCSC_logoIn WP2 a benchmarking method for quality of care will be developed based on the quality indicators of the interRAI-HC instrument. This process will provide a validated summary measure that could be used on a large scale to benchmark quality of care in European community care, and could be used to design and implement effective programs aimed to improve the quality of care. The quality of care summary measure will be developed based on data from the former AdHoc project (FP5).

WP leader: Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy



WP3 Recruitment and assessment

HTW_logoWP3 includes the selection of regions, recruitment and assessment of eligible community care organisations, staff and patients. In total a cohort of 2750 care dependent elderly of 65 and older will be recruited for the study. The quality of the interRAI-HC assessments is monitored in WP3. To validate the costs of care as assessed with the interRAI-HC, subsamples of 100 care receivers in each country are recruited for the additional interviews on their formal and informal care utilisation

WP leader:University of Applied Sciences (HTW), Germany


WP4 Data management

ggzingeestAll nationally collected IBenC data (eg interRAI-HC, costs of care, staff and organisational characteristics) are aggregated and integrated in WP4. To enable uniformity in the aggregated database and to facilitate data management and integration, a web based infrastructure for delivery, the storage and issuing of data will be developed in this WP. Also data cleaning, data management and overall data quality control is part of this WP.

WP leader: Stichting GGZ InGeest, The Netherlands


WP5 Benchmarking costs of care

web-VUmc_Engels_logo_blauwTo enable benchmarking of community care models on their costs, WP5 rigorously studies the measurement of formal and informal care utilization and the valuation of care utilization from a societal perspective. WP5 will validate the interRAI-HC for the measurement of formal and informal care utilization by comparing it with a dedicated health care utilization interview (RUD Lite), develop a European guideline, calculate costs of care in IBenC using this guideline and benchmark community care models on their costs.

WP Leader: VU University Medical Center (VUmc-HTA) – Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences, Department of Health Sciences, The Netherlands


WP6 Identifying care models for community care in health systems in six countries

logo_KU_leuvenIn WP6, the structure of organisations is described at a macro-level (country specific characteristics, e.g. funding systems, entry criteria), at a meso-level (organization and staff characteristics) and a micro-level (patient characteristics). Data on the characteristics of the community care organisations will be collected by means of two different questionnaires to identify and characterise care models within and across countries.

WP leader: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium


WP7 A benchmarking method to identify cost-effective practices

web-VUmc_Engels_logo_blauwIn WP 7 data on societal costs, quality of care, organisation and staff characteristics will be incorporated into one database. By combining the methodologies developed in WP2 (benchmarking quality of care), WP5 (benchmarking costs of care) and WP6 (identifying care models), best practices in European community care will be identified and characterised based on their cost-effectiveness.


logo_emgoBest practices in terms of a beneficial cost effectiveness ratio will be described in terms of organizational structures, staff levels, care processes, reimbursements, and service integration.

WP leader: VU University Medical Center – EMGO+ Institute, Department of General practice and elderly care medicine, The Netherlands


WP8 Dissemination of IBenC results

ehma_RGBWP8 is aimed at an optimal dissemination of IBenC results. The project results will be made available via a range of activities, as setting up a project web site, conferences and publications. Furthermore, WP8 performs a feasibility study for the development of an interactive web based benchmarking tool for European community care according to the method developed in IBenC.

WP leader: European Health Management Association (EHMA), Ireland