Stichting GGZ InGeest (The Netherlands)

ggzingeestGGZInGeest is a large mental health hospital (2300 staff members and 30250 patients in current treatment) with a catchment area for patients in the Amsterdam region. GGZInGeest collaborates with the VU University Medical Center on Research, education and academic patient care. A merger between both hospitals will be the next step in their strategic cooperation (2013-2014).

Within GGZInGeest, there are 4 Research Units;

1. Depression
2. Anxiety
3. Bipolarity
4. Elderly

Within GGZInGeest a special department for research and education has been established for these units, with in total 110 staff members. They work in a research programme on affective disorders in which a translational approach is adapted. Research ranges from fundamental (molecular) to applied (cost effectiveness of interventions).

Prof. dr. J.H. Smit, PhD

fotoManaging Director of Research/ Department of Psychiatry
Professor of Methodology of Longitudinal Psychiatric Research
GGZ inGeest / VUmc

Key-interests: Survey Methodology, Data Quality, Measurement Error, Longitudinal Designs and Methodology.

Recent publications:

Link to the publications of J.H. Smit in Pubmed.

HY. Wisselink

fotoSince 2008 I have been working as a data manager at GGZInGeest (NESDA), located in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). This is a research unit within the GGZInGeest that does research on Anxiety and Depression disorders. Since early 2013 I am a data manager for the IBenC research. Key words are data collection, data cleaning, data retrieval, development  tools, such as a web-based data issuance system.




dr. S. Draisma