Landspitali University Hospital (Iceland)

landspitaliLandspitali is the National University Hospital of Iceland. It is both a general hospital for the capital area of Reykjavik and a tertiary referral center for the whole of Iceland. It has all types of services short of heart and lung transplantation, which is carried out abroad. This is the main teaching side of the medical faculty of University of Iceland. The Department of Geriatrics has 13 geriatricians and 5 residents at any given time. The department has an acute geriatric assessment unit, 3 rehabilitation units, one dementia unit and a day hospital. Also there is an outpatient unit, including memory clinic and falls clinic. Linkage between the University Hospital and the University with regards to gerontology is through the Icelandic Gerontological Research Institute (IGRI). The IGRI is linked with the AGES Reykjavik Study, a large gerontological epidemiological study and the DeCode genetics company. The IBenC project will be managed on a daily basis from the IGRI as was the ADHOC study.

Prof. Pálmi V. Jónsson, MD, FACP, FRCP L


Pálmi is Chief of Geriatrics at Landspítali University Hospital, Reykjavik, Iceland and Professor of Geriatrics at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Iceland. A graduate from the Harvard Fellowship in Geriatric Medicine he has lived and worked in his native country, Iceland, from 1989. During early years he studied cardiovascular function and falls and introduced a framework for decision making at end of life to Iceland and worked on nursing home pre-admission assessment.

Pálmi is on the executive committee of the AGES Study1, a large epidemiological study on aging, a collaborative project between the Icelandic Heart Association and National Institute of Aging. Pálmi is on the clinical team working with DeCode genetics on the genetics of Alzheimer´s disease and longevity. Pálmi also sits on the Board of InterRAI as a secretary and has introduced the Minimum Data Set (MDS) InterRAI tools to Iceland. Recently, Pálmi joined the Board of the Middle Eastern Academy for Medicine on Aging. Pálmi has published various research papers and book chapters on geriatric and gerontological issues.

Berglind Magnúsdóttir