KU Leuven (Belgium)

logo_KU_leuvenLUCAS is an interdisciplinary research center of the KU Leuven, specialized in care research and consultancy. The most important research topics in the field of care for older people are: the organization of care for older people, innovation in care processes and in the organization of care, care trajectories, the relationship between formal and informal care, quality of care and quality of life.

LUCAS research is funded by the Flemish or Federal government, by the EU or by private organizations. A detailed overview of all studies and funding agencies can be found on the website (www.kuleuven.be/lucas). Research projects are often followed or accompanied by the development of handbooks (for instance for the use of quality indicators in residential care) or training (BelRAI: the use of the interRAI assessment instruments in home care, residential care and hospitals).

For many research projects, there is an intense collaboration with partners in the field of care, such as nursing homes, hospitals, home care services or organizations that represents the older people.

LUCAS research is practice and policy oriented and since 2006, LUCAS hosts the Policy Research Center of the Flemish Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family (www.steunpuntwvg.be). This is a network of five universities and several schools for higher education, offering consult on policy issues.


Prof. Dr. Anja Declercq, PhD

anja_de_clercq_klProf. Dr. Anja Declercqis an associate professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences (Center for Sociological Research) and a project leader at LUCAS. She teaches medical sociology and sociology of social policy. She is specialized in research on care for older persons and leads the research group for care for older people at LUCAS. She also is an interRAI fellow (www.interrai.org), a member of the Instruments and Scales Development committee (ISD) of interRAI and a member of de Board of interRAI. Previous research projects among others dealt with innovative living arrangements for people with dementia, care pathways of older persons with cognitive and/or depression, and the implementation of the InterRAI instruments in Belgium. Contact: anja.declercq@med.kuleuven.be


Dr. Nele Spuytte, Postdoc

Nele_spuytteDr. Nele Spuytte is a post-doctoral researcher at LUCAS. She has a PhD. in psychology on family care for people with dementia. She investigated the impact of small scale living arrangements (innovative nursing homes) and other innovative dementia approaches (e.g. dementia counseller, narrative care, etc). In LUCAS she collaborates in projects on the interplay between professional carers, family carers and older persons. In her previous job, she was director of a nursing home, leaving her with practice-based knowledge on working with older persons, as well as volunteers.



Dirk Vanneste

dirk_vannesteDirk Vanneste holds a bachelor in nursing, a master in medical social science (KU Leuven, Belgium) and a certificate of traditional Chinese medicine (Hubei University of TCM, Wuhan, P.R. China). He also studied data management at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, the Universiteit Antwerpen and the Universiteit Gent. He worked in long term care facilities and ran his own home care organization for over 20 years. He currently has a private TCM practice. He also works at LUCAS (KU Leuven) as a PhD student. His research mainly focuses on the conditions in which InterRAI instruments could be implemented at a national level in Belgium and the use of the interRAI instruments through online registration on the BelRAI web application. Contact: dirk.vanneste@med.kuleuven.be

Liza Van Eenoo

liza_van_eenooLiza Van Eenoo graduated in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree in nursing at the KH Leuven and in 2004 she graduated with a master degree in medical social science at the KU Leuven. She started her career as a home care nurse. Subsequently, she worked during 6 years as a clinical research nurse in breast cancer trials and as a data manager for databases with sarcoma patients at the University Hospital of Leuven. Since November 2010, Liza is a researcher at LUCAS, KU Leuven. Her research areas are care for older persons and the implementation of the interRAI instruments in Belgium (BelRAI). Currently she is working as a PhD student on the IBenC project. Contact: liza.vaneenoo@med.kuleuven.be