Within a prospective longitudinal design, a novel method to benchmark community care organisations will be developed: quality and cost of community care will be combined into one measure. Based on a standardised instrument, the Resident Assessment Instrument for Home Care (interRAI-HC), this summary measure for organisation performance, based on quality indicators, and costs of care will be developed. Within the project, the interRAI-HC will be validated for costs of care assessments from a societal perspective. To enable an in-depth interpretation of best performing practices, the contexts and characteristics of community care organisations will be studied rigorously.

Assesment instruments

The Resident Assessment Instrument for Home Care (interRAI-HC) is the instrument that will be used to measure both quality and cost of care (Hirdes et al., 2008). The interRAI-HC, developed by the worldwide collaborative network interRAI (, is designed to assess the medical, psychological, and functional capabilities and needs of care-dependent community-dwelling patients, including their formal and informal service use. In addition the RUD Lite instrument (Wimo & Windblad, 2003) will be used in a small sample as a reference instrument to validate the costs of care as assessed with the interRAI-HC.

Time frame

Start dateJanuary 1, 2013

End dateDecember 31, 2016