Representatives from IBenC project partners VU University Medical Center Amsterdam (VUmc) and KU Leuven recently participated as keynote speakers in the 2015 Home Care Summit of the Canadian Home Care Association (CHCA) in Ottawa, Ontario.

Dr. Henriëtte G. van der Roest from VUmc contributed to the Plenary Session “Redefining Community Planning: Evaluating Best Practices for Seniors Care”, offering insight and experience on how decision-makers can evaluate and benchmark community care providers on a cost-quality ratio based on patient outcomes, care use, quality of care and costs. In the same context, Prof. Dr. Anja Declercq from KU Leuven was keynote speaker of the Plenary Session “Redefining Integration – Approaches to Patient Centred Integrated E-Care” and talked through the advantages of standardised data made available to health care professionals, patients and caregivers. In support of this, she introduced a brand new application to sustain the use of IBenC’s assessment instrument “InterRAI” in Belgium.

To find the presentation made available by VUmc please visit:

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